Oakville park set to show its spooky side

Ghosts and other spooky beings will be playing host to an Oakville area walk that will show Spruce Lane Farm’s ghostly side.

Those who come out for the event will be led on a guided tour that will do more than just give them a chance to learn more about the history of the property. They will explore the way Victorians marked important occasions in a person’s life. The organizers noted that the tour is meant to be a learning experience as well as one that sends shivers down the participant’s spines.

The tours last about 30 minutes each, and two have been scheduled for the month of August. Because the terrain may be uneven and hallways and staircase narrow, it was noted that they may not be appropriate for strollers or people who have issues with mobility. The cost for the activity is included in the regular daily vehicle pass for entry into the park. A local printer can provide themed signs and other decorations that can help those who participate get the most from this spooky learning experience.

The guided ghost walks will be held on August 6th and the 20th, and they will start every 15 minutes between 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm. Everyone is welcome, and further details can be found on the Bronte Creek website.

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